Jigs and Aids

This page has photos and text on jigs I have made.

Disk and drum sander.

This is a very useful jig, it uses 2 inch/52 mm sanding disks, which attach to velcro pad on a slightly convex end of the drum. Making it ideal sand the bases small bowls and display stands. The drum sander has velcro stuck to it so that sanding material can be attached. There are 2 tenons for mounting on the chuck jaws I use most, Pin and 35mm, the 50mm jaws fit over the velcro on the drum.

Wooden eccentric chuck jaws.

I made these oak jaws for my Nova 2 chuck for making Lattice Pendants, It works very well as the the blank fits in the recess with little vibration even at quite high speeds.

The complete drilled disk was mounted on Axminster eccentric chuck and trued up. Then the off set was set to maximum and the recess turn to be 3mm deep, The disk was removed from the eccentric chuck and cut into 4 pieces.

2.5mm wide cutter with adjustable depth gauge for cutting slots in Latticed Pendants.

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